Privacy Policy

What we collect
We value your privacy, and believe you should be concerned about how your information is handled. We collect minimal information about your visit, such as your IP Address, and which pages you visit on kodiaktea.com only. When you place an order, we will save your billing information and shipping information (name, email, phone, address, state, city). Your personal information will not be shared or sold to anyone. We do not save any information related to your credit card, as all transactions are handled externally by our payment processor, Stripe. We are not responsible for how Stripe handles your information when processing your order, their privacy policy can be found here. If you would like to pay using an alternative method check our facebook page for upcoming events, or send us an email with your order to support@kodiaktea.com.

Why we use cookies
We use cookies to keep track of information across visits. The cookies we use are meant for identifying your shopping cart and user accounts. If you have any questions or concerns with the use of cookies on our website email us anytime at support@kodiaktea.com.

What you can do to protect your privacy!
Many large companies, such as Google, Facebook and Amazon, are tracking you across the internet. Our website has been designed to limit exposure to third party trackers. With the exception of Google reCaptcha (only present on "contact us" page) and Stripe, our payment processor, all of our assets and services are self-hosted to protect your privacy.

If you are interested in further protecting you privacy we suggest the following services as alternatives to many popular applications. Instead of using Google, Bing or Yahoo we recommend DuckDuckGo, a privacy centered search engine, that does not track you. Instead of Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo Mail, use ProtonMail, a free private encrypted email service based in Switzerland.

We self-host our analytics software to protect your privacy, and keep your personal data out of the hands of large corporations. Our analytics software, Umami, is a privacy focused analytics program, that collects minimal identifying information.